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“Best of” Pack

5 audios from The Shamanism Global Summit 2015

In addition to the amazing speakers featured in the 2016 lineup, we we’re sharing these loved sessions from the 2015 Shamanism Global Summit.

  • Sandra Ingerman – The Practice of Shamanism in the 21st Century
  • Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq – Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man
  • Lewis Mehl-Madrona – Indigenous Wisdom for Healing the Mind
  • Christina Pratt – Shamanic Skills for the New World
  • Claude Poncelet – The Reconsecration of the World We Live In



3 Practices to Free the Trapped Essence

Audio recording by José Luis Stevens Ph.D.

Three vital ingredients facilitate awakening to Spirit... these are like water, sun and soil for the garden of your soul. In this integrated lecture and meditation by José Luis Stevens, shares how to awaken all three.



Shamanic Protection & Self Defense Techniques

Booklet of shamanic diagnostic techniques by Itzhak Beery

Discover shamanic protection & self defense techniques as well as diagnostic methods from Indigenous cultures.



Shamanic Healing Journey: An Inner Initiation Ceremony

Guided meditation recording from HeatherAsh Amara

We all had experiences in childhood that were transition points in our lives, times when traumas or difficult situations occurred that created splits in our being. In this audio, HeatherAsh Amara guides us back into these places to gently create more spaciousness and weave a new thread of healing and ceremony through one of these experiences. In this way, we take a time of challenge and, using shamanic guides and visualization, energetically revise it into an initiatory experience that helps us reclaim our power, authenticity and presence.



The Dream Chasm

Video of 12-year-old shaman, filmed by Imelda Almqvist

12-year-old Brendan Almqvist is a natural born shaman. He published his first book when he was 9 years old — THE LOVE HALL; Brendan's Travel Guide to the best places in the Spirit World — and it took the world of shamanism by storm. Brendan now presents a journey to a new place where our world is being dreamed into being by all sentient beings: the dream chasm.



The Brilliance of You

Meditation recording from Jan Engels-Smith

Using progressive shamanic principles that expedite health, this guided meditation allows you to find, experience and feel your own brilliance, the core of your well being. This allows a feeling of confidence and joy to permeate into all facets of your life, promoting complete transformation in the ease of your own home.

You’ll receive ALL of these digital bonuses PLUS unlimited access to EVERY summit session — digital recordings and transcripts — offering deep insights, practices and rituals for activating time-honored shamanic principles in your daily life and helping to evolve our world.

Tap Into a Deeper, More Multidimensional Reality

If you’re like many on spiritual paths, you’re probably seeking a deeper and more sacred way of engaging in your daily life, and with our world.

Even with such noble intentions, it’s easy to feel daunted by everything, from day-to-day challenges to global crises, and then lose sight of what your soul truly desires. When feeling overextended, it’s not uncommon to merely skim the surface of existence, allowing the din of technology and media to drown out the healing voices and rhythms of nature.

The good news is that no matter what obstacles you face on your journey, you can experience the heights and depths of the love, connection and guidance that are always available to you... if you know how to access them.

That’s why it’s such a blessing that the esteemed shamanic teachers and healers featured in The Shamanic Wisdom Collection are offering time-tested wisdom that you can apply to infuse more soul-power, joy and reverence into your daily life. Plus you’ll receive clear vision on being a participant in the healing work in the world in a very deep way.

These enlightening teachers can illuminate a spiritual pathway of engagement that works on both the inner and outer planes — to affect positive change and connect you with spiritual allies and sources of sustenance that can help you shine your light much brighter.

With The Shamanic Wisdom Collection, you’ll have access to the deep insights, practices and rituals for tapping into guidance, healing and power, and for fully embracing a sacred way of living on this wondrous planet.

Right now, you can lock in lifetime access to shamanic teachers and healers from around the globe who are able to see the depth and multidimensionality of reality. You’ll experience this expansive perspective and discover their potent practices for traveling the inner passageways of your soul.

Package Value: $500

Shamans walk between the worlds, with their feet solidly on the earth. And by receiving their wisdom you learn to journey more deeply into the cosmos AND live more peacefully and happily here in ordinary reality. That’s why investing your time and resources in studying shamanic practices is a great investment in your life.

Sessions Include:

Sandra Ingerman
Sandra IngermanThe Power of Ceremony
Kate Shela
Kate ShelaEmbodied Shamanism
Betsy Bergstrom
Betsy BergstromNo One is Excluded from the Web of Life
Hank Wesselman
Jill Kuykendall
Hank Wesselman and Jill KuykendallThe Spiritual Foundation for the New Cultural Mythos
Evelyn C. Rysdyk
Evelyn C. RysdykDeepening Your Experience of Connectedness with Reverent Participatory Relationship
Imelda Almqvist
Imelda AlmqvistNatural Born Shamans: Helping Children and Teens Build Viable Spiritual Toolkits for Life!
Bhola Nath Banstola
Bhola Nath BanstolaDialogue with Bhola Banstola
Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Alberto Villoldo, PhDWe Are Our Dreams
Jan Engels-Smith
Jan Engels-SmithA Place to Belong: Thriving Shamanic Communities in Action
José Luis Stevens
Lena Stevens
José Luis Stevens and Lena StevensUnderstanding the Shamanic Powers of the Feminine and the Masculine
Itzhak Beery
Itzhak BeeryEmbrace Your Feminine and Masculine Powers
Llyn Roberts
Llyn RobertsEngaging the Intelligent Web of Life
Lynn V Andrews
Lynn V AndrewsLove and Power: The Fine Art of Shamanic Living
HeatherAsh Amara
HeatherAsh AmaraAwakening Your Inner Fire
don Oscar Miro-Quesada
don Oscar Miro-QuesadaDivine Madness: Shamanic Soul-Making in a Secular World
Marcela Lobos
Marcela LobosThe Rite of the Womb
John Perkins
John PerkinsShapeshfiting a Death Economy into a Life Economy
Nicki Scully
Nicki ScullyModern Shamanism Through Egyptian History

Upgrade below to experience the many potent layers of these practical, ancient teachings that can lead to more creative business ideas, happier relationships, clearer direction on living your soul path and so much more!

Live with More Magic, Love & Synchronicity

The revered shamans and teachers from around the globe presenting in The Shamanic Wisdom Collection will share with you how shamanism is one of the most practical mystical paths — because the goal is not simply to access and live in a more unitive state, but also to actively create more harmony in our outer world.

They will not only show you how to truly honor Mother Earth as the most profound teacher you have; they will also help you tap into universal wisdom to develop the inner skills you need to become more loving, skillful and wise in navigating your life.

With this invaluable resource, which you can turn to time-and-again, you’ll:

  • Open up to the power of living a shamanic way of life
  • Tap into your unexpressed creative & intuitive power
  • Receive practical tools for healing negative feelings & toxic thoughts
  • Reclaim your role as a co-creator with the Earth, the elements & the spirit world — and accelerate the conscious evolution of the planet
  • Access subtle realms of consciousness (the upper & lower worlds) with guidance from allies there
  • Learn the basics of shamanic journeying & healing work (as well as key things NOT to do)
  • Discover skills that relieve suffering and foster more joy, radiant health & fulfilling relationships
  • Awaken a deeper sense of presence and reverence for the natural world — including plants, animals & Gaia herself (which can inspire positive action and even activism)

As you dive deep into the shamanic way of life, you’ll come to see Spirit in ALL things and experience the veils of illusion slipping away. Upgrade below to learn to live with more magic, love and synchronicity, and with a more powerful connection with our plant and animal allies.

The Shamanic Wisdom Collection includes instant access to all digital recordings and transcripts of every session from the 2016 Shamanism Global Summit.

Downloadable MP3 Recordings: You’ll receive digital recordings from every 2016 Shamanism Global Summit session to enjoy on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
PDF Transcripts: You’ll receive digital word-for-word transcripts from each session to read along, highlight key points, take notes and even search for keywords.
PLUS Your Digital BONUS PACKAGE! In addition to the 2016 Shamanism Global Summit material, you’ll receive an exclusive package of valuable downloadable and streaming bonus gifts!

Praise from Participants:

As a shamanic practitioner and teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful collection of professional speakers who have actually helped me walk my talk with greater clarity and heart-based intent. Thank you.
— David

What a great culmination of minds and talent! Thank you for this unique, resourceful and extremely useful experience.
— Cheryl

It was such an enormous and generous gift to have this summit publicly available for free and so wonderful for someone like me, who may not have the resources to attend many events or retreats, to have access to the wisdom of so many amazing people. Thank you!
— Lauren

Package Value: $500

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More Praise from Participants:

I felt totally transformed by listening to the talks of ancient healers from around the globe. They hold deep wisdom, confirmation of deeper truths, and breathe fresh life into ceremonies that have become somewhat stagnant.
— Eagle Running Wolf

The link of 'oneness' of all cultures and wisdom that flowed throughout this summit was beautiful and uplifting.
— Pat

To me all the interviews I listened to gave me the feeling of connectedness and the feeling of kindred spirits. That is fulfilling and comforting and gave like-minded trust for the future of our beautiful Earth Mother.
— Faride

I was truly blessed to come upon the summit at this time. I have been longing for some time to know about healing and embracing nature. I have always felt a connection with nature. I feel like I have arrived home!
— Anon

So uplifting and powerful! I really was able to take some simple steps of the wisdom and use it right now for a more joyful life.
— Rachel

I recommend the SGS for anyone on a spiritual path. Helping to connect to our roots with the addition of practical information has been the impact of this gathering.
— Jim

This summit on shamanism was such a gift to all of us, and will continue to have a ripple effect. Even though I was only able to listen to a few sessions, it was a profound experience for me and I had some deep insights. Thank you to those who made it possible!
— Irina